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A summer of ease and inspiration - part 2: Germany

This summer I'm doing a little series for a summer of inspiration with travel tips and tips on living a life of ease. So where better to turn than my fellow Stråla yoga guides for these tips! As Stråla guides we constantly look for ease in our life. How can we make challenging things not so challenging and how can we live in a manner that is sustainable in the long term? Doing our best, and not burning ourselves into the ground in that process.

In part 2 of this series I want you to meer Anne, who is not only a great yoga guide, but also single handedly making the planet a better place with her private initiative against plastic pollution in the ocean.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and why you are so drawn to this concept of “living with ease”

Being a working mom, having a manager shop since decades and a family with a schedule full of activities and never ending to-dos, lets you think of how to achieve the constant demand from all corners with more ease.

2. What does living with ease mean to you?

Be mindful with yourself, your peers and family. Learn to listen to yourself first, to your inner child and voice, but as well to others. I try to find a smoother way of juggling all jobs, to-dos, activities, whilst still looking good, have a clean house, an outlook for a nice break, like a guide how to see things, judge or better not to judge them, and let them go > let the stress, pain and people go…

3. What made you choose to follow this path instead of the “no pain, no gain” path?

I work in a very competitive company, always reaching for higher goals and achievements…. That's exhausting in a while. On the other hand through shared creativity, collaboration and honesty you also find friends and sparring-partners to achieve things togehter. Team spirit is higher than fighting alone for your career or a certain credit. You can not save the world or the ocean alone, you need at least 2 people:-)

4. What daily routines do you have that support your healthy, “ease” lifestyle?

I do Yoga from 6am in the morning for 45 min. Thats a brilliant start into the day and one year ago I was used to do Yoga (exhausted) in the evening, 3 times a week in a group. I never thought to be an early bird and find my space on the mat. Being a teacher of course makes it easier to flow with me in the quiet morning.

5. Can you give some great “healthy hotspots” in your region, city? What should my readers certainly not miss if they travel to your country/region/city? Where can they relax, get healthy food, do a yogaclass?

There are many Yoga studios in Nürnberg, as my shanti, Yoga Scheune Kraftshof, Space Yoga, Holly Wow Yoga and many more, with amazing teacher. Just google them. There is as well a great Yoga festival coming up in June where you can find me and well known teacher www.yoga-sound-sea-festival.com

You can find me at www.littleyogis.eu

If you head further down to southern Germany there is a small boutique hotel Chiemgauhof, directly located at a great clean huge lake. Worth a stay, cool yoga room and beach area with the alps in the back. www.chiemgauhof.de

6. Where can people connect with you and read more about you?

Yoga brought me to another huge project where I put a lot of time and passion into. It is an environmental private initiative against plastic pollution in the ocean. www.beachcleaner.de please have a look and find tips for a plasticfree living and lifestyle

Instagram: @anne_littleyogis

and @beachcleaner.de

facebook: beach cleaner and little yogis

Thank you Anne!

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