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A summer of ease and inspiration - part 1: Switzerland

This summer I'm doing a little series for a summer of inspiration with travel tips and tips on living a life of ease. So where better to turn than my fellow Stråla yoga guides for these tips! As Stråla guides we constantly look for ease in our life. How can we make challenging things not so challenging and how can we live in a manner that is sustainable in the long term? Doing our best, and not burning ourselves into the ground in that process.

I'm starting of this series with Kim, who currently lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. A city that brings back so many memories for me because I lived there myself for a year.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and why you are so drawn to this concept of “living with ease”

My name is Kim, I was born in Switzerland but lived in 10 different countries. Moving across the globe so often developed my sense of adaptability and of openness. I grew up with an exterior environment that was always changing. New schools, new friends, news settings, new houses, new energies, new activities… It was incredibly fun and amazing (and still is!) but I came to think about my long-term viability, as a person.

How can I be balanced and aligned when things around you are constantly moving?

This made me develop my inner stability. It means knowing yourself, inner confidence, trust, security, balance, but mostly, love. Self-love is such a beautiful access to living at ease. I got to understand that it doesn’t matter what happens, what matters is what you decide to do out of it. You get to decide what “labels” we put on things (for example; “good” or “bad” experiences – aren’t they only experiences after all?).

What you see, think or say is your choice to make. There is a way to accept who you are, to love yourself and feel at ease with this. Life seems incredibly flowy and natural, it has a sweet flavor of gratefulness. It took time to fully accept what is, and this is also part of it. The perspective I have now is so enjoyable and feels so right, I am delighted to have a chance to share it.

I can now say I move with ease through life, accepting what is and enjoying the here and now.

I now graduated from an international hospitality management school in Lausanne (Switzerland), guide stråla yoga, provide energy healings and work on entrepreneurial projects. Life is fun, beautiful and I am savoring every bit of it!

2. What does living with ease mean to you?

Living with ease to me means being aligned with who you are, to be totally connected to your soul, body and spirit. This will result in a sublime honesty with yourself that will ultimately result in shining from the inside out!

This can seem very “easy” - read as it is – but really it just means being honest with yourself and listening.

If you are aligned inside, you will be outside. The alignment with your environment will come naturally.

This is an important step for living at ease to me: the first deep connection. If honesty and consciousness are present, then living with ease is on the way. It means knowing what is going on, being conscious of your needs and respond accordingly. It means going with life, accepting gifts and experiences along the way. It means finding better ways rather than feeling stuck. It means loving yourself and radiate love. It also means not thinking too much, listening to your heart and living fully J

In a few words – it means just BE.

3. What made you choose to follow this path instead of the “no pain, no gain” path?

I believe once you really love yourself, it is only natural to feel at ease.

The “no pain, no gain” has thin chances of being a long-term solution that will allow you to be healthy and comfortable.

Once I really connected to my inner self and got to accept who I am, I learned how to love myself and respect my body, soul and spirit. Once this happens, the connection is so strong that I feel there is no sense in choosing the “no pain, no gain” path.

4. What daily routines do you have that support your healthy, “ease” lifestyle?

Meditation in the morning helps me wake my soul gently and feel myself breathing in a calm environment. I also keep a close attention to my dreams and how I sleep, I feel it is essential to listen to what my body communicates.

Yoga is also part of my daily routine, I listen to my body’s needs and respond accordingly. I have lots of fun with the music I listen to and new moves I explore.

I value connection to nature, I am so lucky to live in Switzerland where we have stunning landscapes and great opportunities to explore.

Nutrition is also super important to me.

Physical nutrition of course; I eat fresh, local and seasonal products and cook myself. I enjoy going to the farmer’s market every week and have a human experience linked to what I will be eating. This changes to whole energy of it!

Also Spiritual nutrition such as cultivating love from the inside out, connection to the earth, reading books, ice skate, staying creative with my projects, continue to learn guitar, provide energy healings and help people connect and heal.

So many things that make me alive and that nourish my soul daily!

5. Can you give some great “healthy hotspots” in your region, city? What should my readers certainly not miss if they travel to your country/region/city? Where can they relax, get healthy food, do a yoga class,….?

In Lausanne, Switzerland, there are so many great opportunities to explore in a healthy and positive way.

First, the outdoors are stunning. Walks by the lake, in the mountains, in the country side.. Each season will surprise you with amazing views! I personally suggest trying a walk near Pully, Lutry or Ouchy. For hikes, Les Rochers de Naye are amazing, stroll in the Vineyard terraces of Lavaux, discover the beautiful Creux du Van. There are so many more, I hope you get a chance to feel the natural energy of this land.

You can discover local organic products at the farmer’s market. This is a super spot to connect with local people and feel the vibrant energy on Wednesday or Saturday morning! There are 2 per week in Lausanne, also Vevey, Morges, and in the countryside. You can also go directly at the farm to do your groceries. Amazing, right?

I love practicing yoga by the lake, there are classes organized. You can also try one of the many studios of the city! I’m sure you will find what you need.

The architecture of the city is quite beautiful too, make sure you look upwards.

There is plenty of amazing parks to unwind and relax, maybe a picnic if you are in the mood. Even though you might already be pretty relaxed considering the energy here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any personalized tips and advices for your trip!

6. Where can people find you and connect with you?

I currently have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kimstrala

And am working on my website, which is super exciting!

You can follow me on Instagram: @kim_alxt

Thank you Kim, for these amazing insights and tips!

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